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in this case are still unfolding. it was a big event in baltimore today. the city was the center of the horse racing world with the running of the preakness stakes. mark viviano has more on the surprise finish and the big party. >> reporter: 117,000 fans packed pinlico race course, providing the infield fashion and all-out fun with concerts, concessions, and cash. nearly $82 million wagered on the stars of the show. >> they're off in the preakness. >> reporter: kentucky derby win and preakness favorite orb started on the far inside rail and never got up to his expected speed. mean while, oxbow broke out in front and never looked back. a 15 to 1 long shotting, oxbow, who finished 6th in the kentucky derby, is the best in ballet bhoash ending orb's hopes for a triple crown. >> i think so many people were hopeing. we had a lot of people behind us. t i'm disappointed in that respect. >> reporter: the jockey is hall of famer gary stevens, 50 years old. he came out of retirement this year and ends up preakness winner for the third time in his career. >> i'm not going to lie to you. to win a classic
-tv. baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland news station. >> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i'm gigi barnett. >> and i'm tim williams. temperatures in the 60s across the area. it's a bit wet, and we knew this day was coming. some of the rain is the light it's not even showing up on the radar. it means today. so far, a lot of moisture and air. visibility is not horrible problem, but definitely take it slow. as you can see, it's just a lot of scattered showers around, a lot of activity toward self. but it is just going to be a damp day. the showers were into tuesday evening. they will give us through the day. a better chance of pretty much thunderstorms tomorrow, but today is just misty. the forecast today going up to about 70 degrees, but it will be with the help of the sun. your complete first warning forecast coming up. >> thank you, but now here's the straight people are talking about. one lucky winner, and it's no one from maryland. a single ticket sold in florida has beaten all of the mat
today, the city of miami wasn't incorporated until 1896. across the bay, an island known simply as a beach was a tangle of mangoes but by the 1920s, miami beach had become america's most fashionable destination. even the depression couldn't slow its growth with hotels and homes sprouting up in the style of the day, art deco. still, trends come and go. with the opening of miami beach's hotel in 1954, the art deco district seemed hopelessly dated, sliding into decay. >> freeze. miami vice! >> osgood: that is, until a 1980s television show made a virtue of the city's pre- notoriety for vice. even the opening credits celebrated the new miamiment remember the building with the hole in it? it's still there. infused with energy and style from south america and the caribbean, the region is now billed as the capital of the americas. and these days, a capital of design. ♪ all night on the beach ♪ i'm going to miami >> osgood: once considered long past their prime, these art deco buildings of the 1930s are once again the pride of miami beach. prime examples of the principle that what's
the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> the fight over gun control raging on in maryland, tonight why advocates on both sides are renewing efforts to try and sway voters. >> good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. governor o'malley signs new gun control legislation into law this week but the fight over firearms is not over yet. now gun control groups pushing to get this issue before voters and tonight wjz has exclusive video of the new ads supporting the governor's law. wjz is live, derek valcourt with more on the new ad that's about to hit air waves. >> reporter: with a referendum effort in full swing right now the ads are aimed at boosting support for the new law and the politicians who backed it. governor o'malley's signature on the firearms safety act means it's scheduled to take effect october 1st , but it is signatures on a referendum petition that could stop the law another 18 months when voters would decide whether to shoot down the law which bans assault weapons purchases, puts a
operating on the metro north railroad, a commuter line serving new york city's northern suburbs. the country's second largest system. 250 people were aboard the train when they collided after 6:00 p.m. >> i thought this is the end. brace yourself. it was very scary at the moment. once the train came to a stop. and i and the other passengers were okay. my next instinct was to get off and help as many people off. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board has sent investigators to the scene. so far, authorities don't know what caused the derailment. >> i have no reason to believe it is anything but an accident. >> reporter: amtrak has suspended service between new york and boston indefinitely because of the crash. the railway was operated at reduced capacity. alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. >> at last check, five people are in critical condition. one of them is in very critical condition. >>> a big day for baltimore, president barack obama comes to town to talk jobs and the middle class. this morning the city is still buzzing. jessica kartalija explains he started with
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is monitoring these breaking developments and bring you more details when they're available. >>> city firefighters are investigating a serious fire in northeast baltimore. take a look at the scene this morning at the intersection of bel air avenue and urdman avenue. the house fire crew to two alarms. no injuries reported in that blaze. >>> a maryland congressman is weighing in on the ongoing scandal involving the irs. according to our media partners at the baltimore sun, andy harris is now tieing the scandal to president obama's health care over haul. since the irs will be responsible for taxes individuals harris says the scandal proves that the agency needs less power, not more. the irs is currently under investigation for allegedly targeting tea party groups. >>> a pretty great afternoon. let's take a live look outside. what a big change from yesterday afternoon. we have clouds, a little bit of rain and definitely cooler temperatures. let's check in with chelsea ingram live with an updated look at first dating live doppler radar. it started at my house around 2:00 or 3:00. >> we had
" with scott pelley. >> good evening, i'm jim axelrod, jeff glor is off tonight. from oklahoma city to minneapolis severe weather is threatening the nation's midsection tonight there are tornado warnings up in kansas and iowa, oklahoma and missouri could also be hard hit. forecasters say a supercell of thunderstorms packing baseball sized hail, heavy rain and tornadoes could do a lot of damage. already a tornado has touched down this afternoon in edmund, oklahoma, and another on the southwest side of wichita, kansas, that police are calling large and violent. meteorologist jeff beradelli of wfor is tracking the storms tonight. who is facing the greatest danger. >> the greatest risk tonight is across oklahoma and kansas. we have a lot of tornado watches and warnings ongoing as we speak. in fact we have already had a touchdown of tornadoes across the plain states. here is the settup. we have a strong and cold upper level low destabilizing the atmosphere across the rockies and plain states. at the same time we have a strong jet stream on the eastern side of that meeting up with moist g
baltimore city detention center has the second highesterate of sexual conduct in the country. >>> well, if you cannot win it, if you are not in it. the biggest powerball jackpot in history is up for grabs tonight. folks across the state are rushing into drugstores and gas stations trying to provide the winning ticket. it is up to $600 million, the chance of cashing in is slim. 175million. >>> the real world intruded on hollywood's version yesterday. a live interview with scott waltz at the cannes film festival was interrupted by gunfire in the crowd. that cleared the stage and the audience fled. the host later came back on the air and said police had arrested the gunman who was firing blanks and carrying a fake grenade. >> it was the second disruptive incident at cannes within 24 hours. the night before, some thieves also made off with a hotel safe containing a million dollars i "cbs this morning" saturday, seth stone, beijing. >>> senior correspondent john miller who is a former director with the fbi has been looking into this case. good morning john. >> good
in japan. we did 90,000 people in moscow, 190,000 people in mexico city alone. >> logan: john branca is an executor of michael jackson's estate; an architect, if you will, of how to make money off his legacy, most of which will eventually be turned over to jackson's three children. branca was jackson's lawyer and advisor off and on for over 25 years and negotiated many of the singer's biggest deals during his lifetime. it's just unbelievable. michael jackson sells more tickets dead than most artists do alive. >> branca: that is absolutely true. worldwide box office now is over $300 million, and michael has almost 60 million facebook friends. he's the biggest-selling artist on itunes, and he's sold approximately 50 million albums since he passed away. >> logan: it feels like you can't talk about all those great things about michael without talking about the fact that his image was so battered and tarnished by the time of his death. have his fans just forgotten about all of that? about all the weirdness? >> branca: as managers of the estate, we don't really pay attention to the tabloid
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10